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Analfabeta Branislav Nusic Pdf Download

Analfabeta Branislav Nusic Pdf Download

Analfabeta is a comedy play by Branislav Nusic, a famous Serbian writer and dramatist. The play was first published in 1910 and is considered one of his best works. It satirizes the ignorance and incompetence of the local authorities in a small town, who are unable to understand the meaning of the word "analfabeta" (illiterate) and mistake it for a political party or a disease.

The play is set in the office of the district chief, who receives a telegram from the Ministry asking him to report how many illiterates are in his district. He asks his clerk, Mika, to help him with the answer, but neither of them knows what analfabeta means. They try to guess its meaning from various clues, such as the red ink used in the telegram, the similarity with other words, and the rumors they hear from other people. They come up with hilarious and absurd explanations, such as that analfabeta is a secret party that wants to overthrow the government, or that it is a contagious disease that causes people to lose their teeth and hair.

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The situation becomes even more complicated when the chief's wife and her sister arrive at the office. They are both interested in Mika, who is a handsome and educated young man. The chief's wife tries to seduce him, while her sister tries to warn him about her. Mika is confused and scared by their advances, and tries to escape from them. Meanwhile, the chief suspects that his wife is having an affair with Mika, and that they are both analfabetas. He decides to arrest them and send them to prison.

The play ends with a twist, when the school inspector arrives at the office. He reveals that he is the one who sent the telegram, as a joke, to test the knowledge of the local officials. He explains that analfabeta means illiterate, and that he wanted to see how they would react. He also exposes the lies and intrigues of the chief's wife and her sister, and frees Mika from their clutches. The chief is humiliated and ashamed by his ignorance and stupidity, and begs for forgiveness.

Analfabeta is a witty and humorous play that mocks the corruption and backwardness of the Serbian society at the time. It also shows Nusic's skill in creating memorable characters and dialogues, full of irony and sarcasm. The play has been adapted into several films and TV shows, and is still popular among audiences today.

If you want to read or download Analfabeta by Branislav Nusic in PDF format, you can find it online at [Bistrooki], [Ucimo Srpski], or [Branislav Nusic - ANALFABETA]. Enjoy!


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