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Soal Soal Stpn Downloadl

Soal Soal Stpn Downloadl

STPN, or Sekolah Tinggi Pertanahan Nasional, is a higher education institution in Indonesia that specializes in land administration and management. STPN offers various programs for students who want to pursue a career in the field of land and property. One of the programs is the Calon Taruna, or the prospective cadets, who will become civil servants in the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (ATR/BPN).

To become a Calon Taruna, students have to pass a series of tests, including academic, physical, psychological, and health tests. The academic test consists of multiple-choice questions on general knowledge, mathematics, logic, Indonesian language, English language, and land-related subjects. The test is designed to measure the students' aptitude and potential for the land administration and management profession.

Soal Soal Stpn Downloadl

Preparing for the academic test can be challenging, especially for students who are not familiar with the land-related subjects. Therefore, it is advisable to practice with various sources of questions and exercises that can help them improve their skills and knowledge. One of the sources is the book "Buku Latihan Soal dan Pembahasan Penerimaan Calon Taruna STPN + Soal Latihan SKB SCASN Kementerian ATR/BPN RI", which is published by the Badan Senat Taruna STPN. This book contains practice questions and explanations for the Calon Taruna admission test, as well as questions for the SKB (Seleksi Kompetensi Bidang) test, which is part of the civil servant recruitment process in ATR/BPN.

The book can be ordered online through the website of the Badan Senat Taruna STPN. The price is Rp 120.000 (excluding shipping costs). The book is limited in stock, so interested students should order as soon as possible. The book is expected to be beneficial for students who want to become Calon Taruna STPN and civil servants in ATR/BPN.

Another source of questions and exercises is the website TRYOUT.ID, which provides online tests for various fields of study, including STPN/Tes Pengetahuan Umum. Students can choose between tryout mode and learning mode, depending on their preference and needs. The website also provides feedback and analysis on the students' performance and progress. The website claims to have more than 40.000 questions in its database, covering various topics and levels of difficulty.

The website TRYOUT.ID can be accessed for free by registering with an email address or a social media account. Students can also upgrade to a premium membership to access more features and benefits, such as unlimited tests, detailed solutions, personal coaching, and discounts on books and courses. The premium membership costs Rp 99.000 per month or Rp 499.000 per year.

A third source of questions and exercises is the blog "Fakta dan Tips Menarik", which provides information and tips on various topics, including education, career, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. The blog also shares a collection of questions for the STPN admission test, which can be downloaded for free from the link provided in the blog post. The questions are in PDF format and cover general knowledge, mathematics, logic, Indonesian language, English language, and land-related subjects.

The blog "Fakta dan Tips Menarik" also gives some tips on how to pass the CPNS (Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil) test, which is another requirement for becoming a civil servant in Indonesia. The tips include studying regularly, practicing with various sources of questions, updating information on current issues, managing time effectively, staying healthy and confident, and praying sincerely.

These are some of the sources that can help students prepare for the STPN admission test and the civil servant recruitment process. By practicing with these sources, students can improve their skills and knowledge on various subjects related to land administration and management. They can also familiarize themselves with the format and style of the questions that they will encounter in the actual tests. Hopefully, this will increase their chances of becoming Calon Taruna STPN and civil servants in ATR/BPN.


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